• The article discusses the potential of blockchain technology to provide a secure and efficient way to store medical records.
• It outlines the current challenges associated with sharing medical records, such as privacy and security concerns.
• It also examines how blockchain could be used to create a secure system for storing and exchanging medical information.


This article examines the potential of blockchain technology to provide a secure and efficient way to store and share electronic medical records.

Challenges with Sharing Medical Records

The current challenges in sharing medical records include privacy and security concerns, lack of interoperability between healthcare systems, data fragmentation, and manual processes that can lead to errors. These issues cause delays in care delivery and impede providers’ ability to make informed decisions about patients’ health.

Benefits of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has the potential to solve many of these issues by providing an immutable ledger for securely storing data, which is accessible only by authorized users. This would allow healthcare providers access to their patients’ complete health history while maintaining patient privacy. Additionally, blockchain could enable automated processes that reduce data entry errors, eliminate redundant steps in processing claims, and improve coordination between different healthcare systems.

Limitations of Blockchain Technology

Despite its potential benefits, there are some limitations associated with using blockchain for electronic health records including scalability issues due to its large size; the need for additional infrastructure investments; regulatory uncertainty; and lack of standardization among different blockchains.


In conclusion, while there are challenges associated with implementing blockchain technology for storing and sharing electronic health records, it has the potential to provide a secure system for managing sensitive information while streamlining processes within healthcare organizations.

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