Mine Bitcoin with Green Energy: PEGA Pool Launches Eco-friendly Option

• PEGA Pool has launched its eco-friendly Bitcoin mining pool that enables clients to offset their carbon footprint.
• The platform offers an aggressive payout structure with a competitive Full-Pay-Per-Share (FPPS) model and is one of the highest paying Bitcoin mining pools for revenue per TH (Terahash).
• To incentivize miners to use renewable energy sources, PEGA Pool plants trees to partially offset the carbon footprints of miners using fossil fuels.

PEGA Pool Launches Eco-Friendly Bitcoin Mining Pool

PEGA Pool, a UK-based Bitcoin mining pool, has officially launched its eco-friendly platform that enables clients to offset their carbon footprint and incentivizes them to use renewable energy. By connecting ASIC miners to its platform and allowing them to mine together, it provides consistent and attractive income compared to mining alone. It is already one of the top 10 largest Bitcoin mining pools according to BTC.com.

Incentivizing Renewable Energy Sources

The Proof-of-Work mining operations have received criticism due to its consumption of fossil fuels, leading some countries such as China to ban crypto mining altogether. To address this issue and create a more sustainable industry, PEGA Pool developed its parent company PEGA Mining Ltd which only uses renewable energy for its operations – demonstrating that large scale Bitcoin mining with green energy alone is achievable.
The platform offers an aggressive payout structure with a competitive Full-Pay-Per-Share (FPPS) model that incentivizes miners to switch to renewable energy sources by offering 50% lower pool fees than those using nonrenewable sources. In addition, it plants trees in order compensate for the carbon emitted by those who continue using fossil fuels for their operations – resulting in yearly offsets of 3,967 tons of CO2 from the over 148,000 trees planted so far.

Activities Conducted on Platform

The platform is open for all Bitcoin miners regardless of what energy source they use. On average, it is one of highest paying Bitcoin mining pools when it comes revenue per TH (Terahash). David Bungay , CEO of PEGA Pool stated “Our journey began with PEGA Mining which gave us the desire to build PEGA Pool and provide the world with what was missing in our industry…We built PEGA Pool so that we could not only offer our clients a top performing trustworthy mining pool but also provide them with an incentiveto change the industry”


Through launching this eco friendly bitcoin mining pool, not only does it reward those making positive impacts on the environment but encourages other miners follow suit by providing incentives such as lower fees or tree planting initiatives through compensating those who are still using nonrenewable sources . This sets an example in creating a more sustainable industry while having other advantages such as providing attractive income through connecting ASICs .